Tuesday, April 8, 2008

8 April 2008

I have been MIA for a long time! I didn't realize it had been that long. Life is moving faster than I can keep up with. It's not that I am so terribly busy doing much, it's just that living, in its own right, is taking up a lot of time, if that makes sense. The weeks are rolling right by, weekends are a blur, and the next thing I know we are well into April!

We had beautiful spring sunshine for a time (which was a large part of the reason I was gone from the world wide web), but now we are back to cold and rain and gray days. Easter came and went. My sister and her family came into town and so we stayed very busy with them (outings to museums, the park, sleepovers, game nights, eating out, etc). It was wonderful for us to all be together as a family. It doesn't happen enough.

Santiago defended his thesis with flying colors (can that expression be applied in this context?) and will graduate with his M.Ed on May 2.

Pipsqueak hit the 18-month milestone and seems to have grown up overnight. He is such a mischevious, energetic, talkative, fun-loving, social, hilarious little boy. He really does just love life. I love that about him. He is so good-natured and happy all the time, and his greatest pleasure in life is laughing and making others laugh. He also loves to read books (his current fave: The Real Mother Goose nursery rhyme book...or as he calls it, "hhhha-hhhha," meaning honk-honk, the sound a goose makes), sing songs, play with balls ("foofah"=futbol (soccer ball)...) and anything having to do with animals (especially dogs). He loves my family immensely, and usually asks about just about everyone by name at least once per day.

And me? I'm pretty much my status-quo self. I take care of Pip, try to keep some semblance of order in our home, spend time with my family, read when I have the time, socialize when I have the friends, work on making myself more politically, environmentally, and parentally aware, and never get enough sleep.

Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream! After 18+ months of very interrupted sleep, I have decided to night-wean my Lovely. I have contemplated it for a long time, and I decided ages ago that at 18 months Pipsqueak would be old enough to understand the process, and no sooner. Of course when I decided that I really never dreamed (nightmared?) that he still wouldn't be sleeping through the night by now. It was just my "back-burner" plan, even though I was sure I would never need to resort to forced night-weaning because I just knew my boy would learn to sleep through without my help... Well what can I say? I've got one persistent (stubborn?), mama-milk-lovin', sleep-hatin' boy. So since Friday night I have been loosely following Dr. Jay Gordon's methods (http://www.drjaygordon.com/development/ap/sleep.asp). It has not been fun but it really hasn't been as torturous as I feared it could be. The worst part of it, really, is that Pip has been waking between 6 and 7 to nurse and is then up for the day. This is a challenge for me because I am used to him sleeping in until 8 or 9... And so right now I am still getting up in the night to soothe him (without nursing, which usually keeps me awake longer than simply nursing him back to sleep), and I am not getting to make up for lost sleep by sleeping in. YAWN. It's rough. But of course do I sleep during naptime? No, I blog! I am just looking forward and hoping this will really work. One day he won't need my help to fall back to sleep, and I WILL sleep straight through the night (unless of course by that time I have another baby keeping me up! But please please please let this work before then, since that would be an awfully long process seeing as I am neither pregnant nor hoping to become so at this time!).

Moving on... I found a bunch of Diaperaps covers at a kids' consignment store yesterday. I snagged up 2 in each size they had (newborn, small, medium, and large) because they were only $1.99/each. But I wasn't sure how good they would be or if I would like them so I didn't buy more. Anyone have any insight or opinions for me on these? They are the Cotton/Polyester blend laminated with Polyurethane. Should I buy the rest???

Well I am going to try to nap a little while I can. I have a secret to share when I next post! So stay tuned...!

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Brooke said...

My mom-in-law gave me a book when I was pregnant with my little guy called On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep. My sister-in-law had used it with her children and told me it worked. I decided to give it a try with mine as well. My little one was sleeping through the night by eight weeks of age. It was a major lifesaver for me as losing out on my sleep was what I dreaded most about becoming a mom.

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