Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well I gave Pipsqueak a puzzle that he hadn't seen in awhile and gave myself a little break. He was happy to play with the puzzle and I am now feeling a lot more collected. I am still terribly frustrated with everything I just wrote about but I no longer feel like I will explode at every little annoyance. I have apologized to my dear boy for scaring him and have showered him in hugs and kisses and now I just hope I haven't damaged his precious little soul too much by my anxiety and tension.

One of my large frustrations is that it doesn't seem like there is anyone in quite my same situation. Most literature to help with sleep problems just doesn't jive with what I believe (in regards to letting babies cry, strict scheduling for babies, etc). I want a gentler approach. The problem with the more gentle methods is they all seem to be geared toward families that co-sleep. I have nothing against co-sleeping, it just doesn't work for our family, as not one of us gets any quality sleep that way. However, it seems like I either have to co-sleep, or cry-it-out. Nothing in between. Or the alternative, keep waking and feeding my toddler on demand. I am not happy with any of these three options...

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steph k said...

wow. that sounds hard. I hope that you find the right option! And I wouldn't worry about damaging him any... I think that he will probably be just find in the long run.

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