Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So I spent the morning organizing my old pictures, because obviously if you've seen my house/yard/garden/garage you'd know that pictures are the things that really needed to be attended to first..! Actually I'm keeping up with things fairly well. I only have a few dishes in the sink, the laundry is all done and folded and shelved, and things are mostly clean. So I felt like I deserved a fun trip down memory lane!

I was feeling nostalgic for the days when I was cute and skinny and tan and my boobs weren't abnormally huge. I could've done without the braces and acne though...

Do you ever just feel like flirting? I don't miss high school, I don't miss being single, I don't miss being a teenager or living with my parents or dating or any of that junk, but I do sometimes miss being playfully flirtatious with my guy friends, with random boys I see... I do like to flirt with J but sometimes I miss just being coy and flirty with no strings attached.

Maybe it's just me.

It was fun looking at those pictures and reminiscing but I am so happy to be where I am now. I am in love with my cute husband, I have an adorable and hilarious toddler who constantly makes me laugh. That's what life's about. What else could be better?

...Grateful Fors...;
Today I am grateful for:
*My sexy husband, who right now is wearing his hoodie in a way that reminds me of who I met and fell in love with 7 1/2 years ago!
*My sweetie son who has been napping for 3+ hours. :) He is so crazy and fun and cute and smart and good and just everything I could want in a child.
*My hot self! I may not have the high school version of my body anymore but I am still pretty grateful to be me! I guess there are worse things that could make me feel self-conscious than having a disproportionately large bust...
*good memories of fun times, AND that those times are now long past!!!
*always my sisters. My dear, dear sisters. Growing up, my family may have been really screwed up in a lot of ways but what perfect sisters I have!
*spring, being outdoors, birds, sunshine, rain, long days.

Our best couple friends are separating. I am shocked and sad and still in a bit of denial over everything. I ran into Wife at the store the other night, asked how they were doing, and was hit with the news that Husband is moving out. I will keep the details confidential, but I just can't believe it. I mean we knew they were seeing a counselor and that they had bad fights (who doesn't sometimes?) but I just didn't think anything like this would happen. I thought they were just like us, getting in stupid fights and making up and making jokes with their friends about it and moving on, not perfect but trying. We have spent so much time with them and shared in so many things and from what I saw I really thought they were having the normal married-couple issues, not more. I guess that's something that makes it weirder for me, because in my mind our relationships were so similar, they can't be having these problems... I know there has been a lot underneath what we saw, and a lot of tension building up for a long time, but I still just didn't imagine it would come to this. I am sad for both of them. And selfishly sad for us, since keeping both as friends will likely be tricky for awhile. Mostly of course sad for them. Devastated for their children. I hope they can do whatever needs to be done and do it civilly, for their children's sake. I pray that they can both be forgiving and humble and compromising and come to a reconciliation, but if they can't I hope they can work something out for them and their children, quickly and amicably. I want to do something to help, but I just don't know what I can do. Just a sad mess all around.

Depressing way to end an entry but I just don't feel like saying much more. If you are wondering, Santiago is doing fine on his long road to recovery. I am hanging in there and trying to take care of myself a little as well as Tiago and Pipsqueak. Pipsqueak is acting two already, but we still have a lot of fun together. Usually. And that's life in a nutshell today.

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