Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Well I'm not going to make any promises, but I will say I am going to try to write more frequently now, because we finally have high-speed internet at home. It should make this whole blogging thing a heck of a lot easier...

There's no sense in playing catch-up. Last time I wrote I revealed the news that I am expecting #2 and that Pipsqueak was weaning and that Santiago and I were celebrating 7 years. Well I am still expecting #2 and Pip has weaned and we did indeed celebrate! :) Since then we've had a few holidays, a trip to Boise, a few visits from family and friends, way too many weeks of illness, and... that's about it.

We are having a hard time agreeing on a name. Well I think we have a girl's name picked out, but we cannot agree on even one single boy's name. Not one! I hate the names S picks out, and he makes fun of the ones I like. I feel more justified, though (!of course!), because he has such strict parameters for names. He insists they have to have biblical significance. So for biblical boys' names we have either the current trendy names (Luke, Gabriel, Elijah, Noah, etc) or the old traditional names that hundreds of boys already have (Michael, Matthew, John, Andrew, etc). I don't want my children to have the current trendy names, and I don't much care for the sounds of the traditional names. I have tried to come up with some nice, more uncommon biblical names, but Tiago doesn't like any of them. I don't know what we will do if this baby is a boy...

I'm feeling the major nesting urge. I really want to get the kids' rooms set up, but I need to buy a few things before I can do this. And money is an issue right now (when isn't it?). I am planning to move Pipsqueak back into his old room and the baby will take over in his current room. I have gone back and forth over this decision, but really will it matter all that much who is situated where? So I've made the decision and I'm sticking with it. I just need to get a few things before I can move Pip:
*thick opaque (room-darkening) fabric for the giant sunburst window
*wooden bookshelf with canvas pockets (Big Lots has a cute jungle one for only $39)
*cheap low dresser or bins/baskets for Pip's clothes to go in the closet (the dresser/changing unit will be staying in the baby's room)
*maybe a space heater since that room is a lot colder right now than his current room

I also really want to (finally) decorate his room. I have some cute plans to make it more "jungley" and I really want to do it all, but I am afraid I will get it all decked out only to find out we will be moving this summer (this is a possibility, though I am pessimistic that it will happen this year, with the way the economy has been.). We should find out between February and April so I am trying not to do anything major with the house until then. Still, I think I will do some little things that are not so permanent: hang a few small pictures (jungle animal ones that I've had framed since before Pip was born but never hung!), make some leafy-looking decorations to go on the ceiling fan, over the window, and around the room, etc. I won't be doing any decorating in the baby's room until after the baby arrives, since we aren't finding out if it's a boy or a girl.

At times like these I just really wish I had unlimited (money) resources and (crafting/sewing) knowledge!

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