Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey, It's Okay! Tuesday

A blog I have been secretly stalking on occasion for years does her own take on Glamour magazine's "Hey, It's Okay!" column. I thought it would be fun to do, too.

Hey, it's okay:

-To pretend you didn't see your 10-month-old letting the dog lick her pear slice before eating it to avoid the meltdown that would most certainly ensue if you were to try to take away said pear slice...

-To engage in your 3 1/2 year-old son's potty humor every now and then, and admit that when you think about, the things he says are pretty funny!

-To laugh at the witty jokes on various television shows even though you don't get their cultural allusions

-To be totally and utterly confused at every single episode of "Lost"

-To pretend you're reading in bed and then go to sleep, so your husband doesn't know you're sleeping and continues to watch his television show (because you love falling asleep to someone else watching TV)

-To feel good that you still sometimes turn heads when you go to the grocery store sans kids

-To wander aimlessly through every aisle at the grocery store when you are there sans kids, and then pretend that the lines were freakishly long when your husband asks what took so long

-To like and listen to Jack Johnson

-To hide in the pantry, with the door closed, when you just need something sweet (but don't want your kids to have any)

-To make desserts you know your husband hates just so you can eat it all

-To never answer your cell phone if you don't recognize the number, and even sometimes when you do

-To wear your pajamas for 3 days straight if you have no plans to leave the house

-To blog rather than do anything productive on days when you have a major migraine...

What about you? What are your "Hey, It's Okay!"s today?

1 comment:

WhisperingWriter said...

Great list.

And I'm totally with you on the Lost thing. I love it but I really have no idea what's going on.

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