Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Four Years of Motherhood

Dear Squeak,
Today you are four. FOUR. FOUR!

Happy birthday Baby Boy. I can't believe you've been around for four whole years already. It is unreal to me that you are already so big, and that not long ago you were a squeaking tiny newborn. It seems like yesterday. And yet, I feel like I've known you forever. You are woven into every part of me. Thank you for making me a mommy.

When you were a baby, you were independent and happy and chubby. You had a smile to melt my heart. Your giggle... oh your little baby giggle. So sweet.

When you were one, you were a little cherub. Sweet round face, curly blonde hair, pure love. You were full of energy and very talkative. You loved animals. You still had that sweet baby giggle. Your little one-year-old self made me feel like my heart might explode with love.

And then you turned two. And you were smart, inquisitive, curious. You loved to talk and sing. You gave your toys little voices. You loved to read, book after book. You loved to make us all laugh. Your giggle, oh that adorable little giggle. You still had it. You finally became my little cuddle bug, sitting in my lap and giving me hugs and kisses. And I loved you even more than ever before.

At three, you exploded with personality. You loved to play make-believe. I couldn't believe your imagination. You were so smart. Your love for reading grew. I was amazed by the things you knew and remembered. You lived to make others laugh. All of a sudden, my little baby was a boy with giant personality. Getting to know you was a joy. I loved you more than I did before.

And today you turn four. I am amazed by you each day. You are intelligent, compassionate, sweet, loving, thoughtful, polite, imaginative, inquisitive. You are happy. I look at you and my heart warms. I have never known someone who loves and embraces life like you do. You have so much joy. You spend your days giggling. And when you giggle, I can see, hidden below your now-boyish face and body, my baby.

I love you, my Squeak. How I do love you. Thank you for filling my days with laughs. Happy birthday, Love.
Love always,

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Olivia said...

Ooooh... That made me cry! My little girl turned four a couple of years ago, and I'm amazed by how quickly time passes every day! What a lovely and sweet account of your son's life thus far. He's really gorgeous, BTW!

Happy birthday!


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