Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pulling my hair out

So remember how in my last post I credited "1-2-3 Magic" for the recent decrease in yelling at my house?

Yeah. In reality it was the flu.

Now that Squeak is feeling better again, his misbehaviors have returned, and believe it or not I think they used his sick body as a host and multiplied! Either that or he is feeling the need to make up for how calm and cooperative he was during his illness... He has been worse than ever. And I am really struggling to keep my cool. The main thing that I was loving about 1-2-3 Magic was the practice of "No talking, no emotion." However I am finding it almost impossible to remain emotionless when Squeak's M.O. all day long is the following formula:

1. Run up to Pixie. Flail arms in her face. Make sure she is wailing before running away again.
2. Run up to Pixie. Take whatever toy she is playing with. Play with it for 3.2 seconds, or just long enough to set her off into major tantrum mode. When Pixie is crying sufficiently hard enough to not be calmed, abandon toy, throwing it across the room.
3. Follow Pixie anywhere she goes to escape the torment. If possible, follow her with a chair, trashcan, or laundry hamper closely nipping at her heels or pushing her from behind. The more annoying physical contact the better!
4. Play with a toy. Leave Pixie alone to play with a different toy. Give Mommy the false sense that she can leave the room to load the dishwasher. As soon as Mommy walks out of the room, abandon toy and take Pixie's. Repeat step 2. When Pixie, instead of throwing yet another tantrum about her stolen toy, goes to take the toy you abandoned, freak out at her, screaming, "I was PLAYING with that toy! I HAD IT FIRST!" Take said toy away from Pixie.
5. When Mommy sends you to time out for screaming and yelling and taking toys, hit her in the face. When she increases your time out and sends you to your room, pick up the nearest hard toy and throw it at Pixie.
6. Try your hardest to get your Mommy to kill herself and you.
7. Repeat steps 1-6. All day long. Ad nauseum.

I don't know what to do about him. Is having more than one kid supposed to be this hard? I expected the occasional (and even often) sibling scuffle. I didn't expect the constant pestering. I can't handle it.

And because I am in a horrible and complaining mood, I'll add my other frustration. Pixie's constant nursing. It is out of control. She is nursing more frequently than she did as a newborn, by far. It is really all day long. She is up and down and up and down, in and out of my lap, asking for nursies. ALL.DAY.LONG. AND she is waking up every 1-2 hours at night suddenly, wanting to nurse. As soon as she's not sick anymore, the night-weaning is ON. And hopefully once I am sleeping through the night once more I will have more patience to deal with being a mother.

But for today... Stick a fork in me, I AM DONE.
(sadly...really, really's only 10:45 am. And my dear husband doesn't get home tonight until after the kids are in bed. It is going to be one loooooooooooooong day.)

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