Thursday, May 31, 2012


I've been seeing a naturopath to deal with some of my issues. I've been targeting my migraines and skin issues specifically, but in trying to heal those I've had to dig deeper. Healing my relationship with my son. Trying to learn how to manage my stress and emotions. Working through resentments and baggage from my childhood. It feels like therapy.

Which is weird because my naturopath is about 3 years older than me, and it feels uncomfortable to be so vulnerable with someone who doesn't seem old enough to be a professional. But then I realize I'm not as young I think I am. It's been a weird realization for me as I've been seeing new dentists, orthodontists, dermatologists, family doctors, and of course naturopathic doctors. And they have all seemed so very young to me, at most only several years older than myself. As the younger sister and younger wife I am used to being younger. I perpetually feel younger than everyone I associate with.

That was a tangent. The point is, I'm getting better. Or, maybe not yet, but I will.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting you mention this about age. I work with a PA who is actually younger than me. The day I realized that I was older with more experience in my profession was a difficult day to accept! We certainly are younger than we think!

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