Wednesday, April 3, 2013

facebook stalking and soul-sister rambling

This is my completely random post for the day.

So do you ever have those times where you are just cruising along, facebooking/blog-stalking acquaintances and friends of friends (you know you do it!), and you find someone and think, "we should totally be friends!"?

Today one of my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriends (got that?) came up on my facebook feed as "Someone You May Know." I was bored so I clicked over to her page, and I realized that we would so be friends in real life if we actually knew each other!

I guess considering the circumstances of our acquaintance I shouldn't be too surprised that we have common interests and passions. Apparently our common ex-boyfriend had a type. But it still shocks me because as wrong as Exboyfriend and I were for each other I would never have guessed that he'd have dated another someone like me (guess that's why she and I are both EXes, though, right?).

Anyway, I don't know why but that was interesting to me today and I wanted to process it out loud. Of course I'm not going to friend her and say, "hey, I know we've only met a handful of times, but we both dated Exboyfriend, and we have a lot of mutual friends, and anyway, I was just stalking you on facebook and I think we should be friends!" But I kind of want to.

I don't know why but this concept of potential kindred spirits and missed opportunities is really fascinating to me. I have a great friend who I went to high school with but never really knew at all in high school. We had mutual friends but didn't really move in the same circles for some reason. Well then 6 1/2 years (and a few babies between the two of us) later I moved into her neighborhood, and we became dear friends. I think about how many more years of friendship we could have had if we would have actually met in high school.

Maybe I only see it this way because I've never really lived anywhere long enough to have roots or make life-long friends...

I guess it just makes me think, how many other potential-friends and kindred spirits are out there? And how do I find them?

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