Monday, December 31, 2007

Introduction to Cloth Diapering Chapter

I first started thinking about cloth diapering when I was pregnant with my (first and only) son, but quickly dismissed it because my husband wasn’t on board (and I wasn’t sure I was, either, to be honest.). It took us three months of pouring money into disposable diapers before we were both ready to take the plunge. So we started researching our options…and quickly became immensely overwhelmed. We had no idea there was so much to know about diapers. Thankfully, I have several friends who were able to help me in person, and then I stumbled upon quite a few helpful websites to fill in the blanks.

Since then, I’ve had several people ask me about cloth diapers. It’s hard for me to feel confident answering questions about cloth diapers sometimes for two reasons: 1, I have a hard time remembering sometimes what it was like when I was brand new to cloth diapers and felt so confused and overwhelmed by all the options, all the information, all the jargon, and 2, there truly is so much information out there that I just can’t cover it all (without inevitably leaving out some probably very important details) in a simple conversation. For those reasons (and because I had two friends I don’t see regularly ask me to help them switch to cloth and had to do it via e-mail), I decided to type up everything I could think of that might be useful to someone new to cloth diapers. I tried to cover all the basics but if I left anything out or you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Brooke said...

I found your site from my sister-in-law's site. My husband and I are seriously considering changing to a cloth diaper system. We currently think the pocket diapers will work well with our lifestyle, so I wanted to ask if you've used any, and if so, what brands do you like the best?

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