Wednesday, January 2, 2008

10 Things About Me!

I am Cat, married 6 years to my sweetheart Santiago, mother to my rambunctious little toddler Pipsqueak (09-29-06). I am never quite sure how to do these little introductions. It's hard to sum up a life in one blog entry... I like lists, though, and I tend to be a bit wordy so maybe a list will help me divulge just the right amount of information (and not too much!) to keep anyone who may read this interested!

1) I liked being pregnant. There. I said it. Hate me if you will. I felt good about myself as a woman (despite 16 weeks of (all-day) morning sickness, sciatica starting at 13 weeks, breasts that felt like 2 giant bruises, acne that would make a 17-year-old boy feel good about himself, and a face that retained all the water I thought I was peeing out every 13.7 seconds...).
2) My husband, along with the husbands of my 3 married sisters, is left-handed. Some coincedence, eh?
3) My dog (a yellow lab) has the stinkiest farts I have ever smelled. Ever. In case you were wondering. (Not really about me, but she's sitting here letting them fly and they are just too bad to not say anything!)
4) I use cloth diapers. I generally get one of several reactions to this little fact: *why? *ewwww, gross! *hmm...interesting... (accompanied by a facial expression that clearly states the complete opposite). Someday I will address these reactions, but because I could write a short book on the subject of why I cloth-diaper and this list is supposed to keep me from getting too wordy, I will save it for some other time.
5) While we're on the subject of things I do that makes others go "Hmmm?"... I am LDS. Mormon. This often makes people go “Hmmm?” but we’re really not as wacky as we’re made out to be.
6) I am a feminist and a liberal. Huh? And I said I’m Mormon? Yes it is possible!
7) I love camping, hiking, backpacking, swimming, playing outside, boating, the beach, the mountains, and all things outdoors.
8) I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology, which I used (kinda) to teach Head Start for three years before quitting to stay at home with my darling boy. For a long time my feminist ideals made me feel guilty for wanting to be a mother and not a career woman. Then I realized that it is my feminist ideals that allow me the freedom to make that choice for myself.
9) I love to dance. It is one of my true passions in life, though sadly I don’t get to do it nearly enough since graduating college over 4 years ago.
10) I am terrified of the thought that I am mother to a boy. I am one of five girls in my family and was raised by a father who is very much not a “man’s man” and have long held some very deep-seeded men-trust-issues (so deep I really honestly don’t know where they come from…). I am terrified that my sweet baby will someday be a teenage boy. And so I am trying very hard to raise him to be a respectful, sensitive, caring, confident individual.

Well there you have it. I think 10 things is enough for tonight. Thanks for reading!


-A said...

Ran across a link to your blog on DiaperSwappers . . . 99.9% sure you are who I think you are, so I'll comment as if it's true. :-)

-A said...

Oh, and I have a link to your blog on our families page. I use the list to remind me what sites I like to keep tabs on. Let me know if you'd rather me take it off.

Anonymous said...

I believe my parents raised two feminist lds boys. Go figure.

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