Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 Resolutions

Well here’s to another year! I always make resolutions, and sometimes I actually am able to keep some of them… I am picking five this year, five things I really really want to accomplish! Here they are:

Exercise. I just got some new dance DVDs and I am hopeful that these will help me stay interested in exercising. I would like to ideally lose about 10 pounds this year but more than that I just want to tone up again. My post-baby body is just not the same as it used to be, and that makes me sad!

Read scriptures every morning during breakfast. I used to try to read at night but I just get too distracted with my late-night, toddler’s-finally-asleep, time-to-be-productive, time-to-enjoy-me-time, second wind and then when I’m done with that I am so exhausted I literally crash. And so I think during breakfast I should be able to read something spiritual to help get me through the day!

Settle into a schedule of activities to do with Pipsqueak. We mostly play, read, sing, dance, and go out to run errands but as he gets older that’s just not satisfying enough for him. So more trips to the park, the Nature Center, Children’s Museum?, zoo, library, storytime, playdates, etc, more art projects and cooking fun and tactile experiences, more silly songs and fingerplays. Also I need a schedule to keep this house clean and organized. This is the year to get majorly organized! The garage is going to be our big project this year. Shelves, Rubbermaids, organization to the max!

Set aside more time for my husband. We have all but neglected date-night since Pip’s birth, and we need to start having dates again. Someone in my family can usually babysit for us for free, so we should definitely take them up on it at least once a month.

Make more friends for myself and for Pipsqueak. Just get over my shyness already and get some friends!

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-A said...

I happen to know some other little one that is less and less satisfied with the "same-old" mommy time. We should definitely set something up and let the boys scrap. Mine may be bigger, but I think Pip could hold his own.

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