Friday, January 4, 2008

good intentions

I had every intention of exercising today. Every single intention. But then... by the time I fixed us lunch, fed the kiddo, cleaned up, got Pipsqueak settled for a nap, ate a small bite myself, got dressed in exercise clothes, went downstairs, picked up the toys from off the floor of the family room, reshelved every single DVD and Disney VHS we own that Pip so happily pulled off the shelf earlier (I of course had to do those last 2 things so I would have enough floor space to do my thang!), and went pee for the first time today, I was wiped out! I just couldn't do it! So instead I flopped onto the Lovesac and am now happily watching some Grey's Anatomy on DVD.

So much for New Year's resolutions...

I actually did manage a workout yesterday. And I very nearly finished. But right in the middle of doing tendus and attitudes, my very independent, not cuddly at all, adorable little guy decided he just needed a cuddle, right at that very moment. And so who am I to refuse a seldom-granted snuggle with my sweet baby boy? After that we had to shower and get to the mechanic so I wasn't able to finish. Still, I got in a good 30 minutes of working out. Today I am sore! I am so out of shape it's not funny. And so tight. Back in the good old days of my youth I was so flexible, limber, strong. Now my turnout is shabby, my extension pathetic, my strength laughable, and my flexibility nonexistent.

But I do have a beautiful, sweet, funny joy of a son to show for it so it is worth it!

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