Thursday, April 17, 2008


Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell?

We're toying around with the idea of moving out of state. Santiago is looking at a temporary position change and if he decides to do that it would be out of state. We are excited about Oregon. In fact I am really enthusiastic about it. We both really want to move to Eugene but have also considered Corvallis and Salem area and Portland area and several other cities. I am in love with the idea of Eugene and would move there in a heartbeat if given the chance. Of course we would have to be given the chance first, and that's the problem right now. But Tiago’s supervisor thinks we will probably have an opportunity to move there (the Willamette Valley) sometime in the next 3-5 years. We both want it to happen much sooner… I am really excited about this prospect and think it could be really good for us as a family, so I'm praying like a madwoman that it can happen. I guess we just have to wait and see.

My time has been spent with my head in the clouds over this whole thing. I've been researching Oregon cities, looking at real estate, checking out the current weather there, investigating nearby hiking, camping, backpacking options (and of course flyfishing for the man), etc.

Of course the likelihood of us getting offered the ideal position in the ideal location is not very great. And even if it did happen eventually, like I said it probably wouldn't be for several years at least...

It would really have to be the perfect location for me to consider moving. I love our house, our neighborhood, our ward (church), our little town, our location. I love the country feel but the proximity to everything. I love the easy highway access. I love being close to my family. I love that we are starting to feel established and make friends here. And so in order for us to leave all of this it really would have to be the ideal position in the ideal location.

In the meantime we are planning a trip to Oregon this summer, since neither one of us has actually been there and it would be pretty silly to uproot and go somewhere we have never seen! We plan to stay with my sister on the way and also meet up with Santiago's brother (who lives in Washington State) for a few days. We plan to spend a few days in and around Portland (hopefully see my cousins and also Tiago's nieces), then a couple in Salem area, then down to Corvallis, over to Newport, on the coast, and down the coast to Florence, then over to Eugene. We will spend a couple days in Eugene and also Tiago and his brother will spend a day and a night fishing the McKenzie River while Pip and I take in some of the fun summer activities Eugene has to offer. Then back through, stay with my sister, and home. I am excited!

If we did move out of state I would have a hard time being away from my family, especially my sisters. I feel like we don't see each other enough as it is. Right now the possibility of moving far away is so far out there to me that I haven't really thought much about this aspect. If we did get a chance to go I would probably have a much harder time with it. I can't bear the thought of being away from them. But at the same time I feel ready for a change of scene. I want to see new parts of the country and experience new things and live something different. Well it's probably all in vain anyway... What are the chances that Eugene, Oregon is in need of a new coordinator, and on top of that, that Santiago gets the position? But it's a fun dream for now...

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steph k said...

ooo! dreams ARE fun. :) And the planning can be the best part!

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