Friday, May 30, 2008

La Leche League enrichment activity ideas???

Okay, another thing on my mind right now is this: I am now in charge (with another woman) of my local La Leche League group’s enrichment activities. Every month (the last Thursday of the month, from 11-1, for any local women who might be interested! Ahem, I am talking to you, A…!), we have an activity of some kind that relates to mothering but not necessarily to breastfeeding. We have had meetings about cloth diapering and about diaper-free babies/elimination communication, we’ve done prenatal and mom & baby yoga, we’ve done stretching, we’ve learned about herbs, we’ve learned about chemical-free and homemade household cleaners, we’ve learned about using sign language with your baby and about literacy and young children, we’ve learned about music and movement with little ones, we’ve learned about xeri-scaping and gardening with water-wise plants. So my question is, what else is there??? What would you like to learn about, or do, that hasn’t already been done? I am having a really difficult time coming up with ideas. So if you have any, send them my way. PLEASE!?!?!


-A said...

Non-commercial baby food, involving toddlers in meal-prep/kid friendly foods, songs/games for toddlers, relaxation/meditation . . .

Do you meet every week? Do you personally go each week? Are there dues to attend? Remind me and I'd love to tag along.

Mickelle said...

It's probably a little late, but how about baby brain development? So many mothers don't know the connection between TV and late vocabulary development.

Speaking of which, they're hosting a great class about this for BYU Ed. week. Let me know if you're interested in attending some/all of it. They have endless options.

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