Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pixie & Squeak

I'm ba-ack! I didn't forget about this blog, but over the past 10+ months, everytime I thought about updating, I got too overwhelmed. And since I have maybe 1 reader, I think all will be forgiven.

Since my last update, I had a baby! A baby girl! I've debated what to call her on this blog (if I decide I have the time/energy to keep up this blog). I think "Pixie" fits her the best, but it sounds a little too much like "Pipsqueak," which has always been my son's moniker. So I guess from now on Son will be Squeak (which has become infinitely more fitting than I ever thought it would be, as his voice continues to be rather squeaky), and Daughter will be Pixie.

Notice the pictures on the sidebar! A Poems, Prayers & Promises first! Actual pictures of my actual kids! (Shhh, don't tell the husband!)!!

So Pixie was born in May, which makes her almost 8 months old. I have a dreamy birth story to tell, but since I've just spent all my allotted updating time reformatting the blog instead of writing, it will wait until next post. Which will be sooner than 10 months. I promise.

Because even if (though) no one reads this thing, I am sure I will continue to write. As exhausting as it is sometimes having two blogs (this one and the one mostly for the grandparents to keep up with my littles), I sometimes need someplace to write things that I *don't* want my entire family, in-laws, and all previous acquantances reading. And that's where you come in, dear blog! Aren't you excited for me to dump all my baggage here?!

I know I am!

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