Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm Annoyed (Part One, because I get annoyed easily)

You know what really bugs me?

~When both kids are asleep, and the husband is at work, and the only thing I want to do is watch a show, and it won't load (since I do all my tv-viewing online).

~Being woken up in the middle of the night by my husband's groping hands. It was a little fun and flirty and exciting in those few rare months that I was actually sleeping through the night, but now that I am waking up constantly to tend to two children, the last thing I need is another person waking me up wanting something from me...

~People who look perfect all the time. This needs no explanation, it's just not fair.

~That people are reading my blog but NOT LEAVING COMMENTS. Rude.

~My inability to get rid of clothes that don't fit (ahem. jeans.). Right now, I have a drawer full of jeans that I wear (not enough pairs, for sure). And I have a pile on my closet shelf of jeans that are too big currently, but are good for post-pregnancy and pregnancy (and maybe if I start gaining weight again the way I was after Pixie was born). And then there's the pile of jeans that are just a >tinge< to tight, but since I am working out and determined to lose the weight and pudge, they just.might fit again someday. And then there's the pile that I LOVE, that fit perfectly, that are cute, but. They have holes in a knee or two. And maybe I could patch them and not look juvenile or homeless. Or maybe I could just wear them anyway. I might, someday, right? I can't get rid of a SINGLE pair. Not one. But I don't know what to do with them all. They are taking over my life!

And along those lines, why do I keep buying jeans that I don't love but are cheap? Because then, soon enough, I have 10 pairs of jeans on which I spent at least $10/pair, but I won't wear any of them because they are not just right! Why do I keep doing this? $100 would buy several pairs of jeans that would be just right! I do the same with sheets and bedding for my bed. I can't justify spending $200 on a bedding set, but four $40 sets later (and still not satisfied), I am really wishing I had...

~That taking calories off is sooooo much harder than putting them on. In my perfect world, it would take just as much work to consume 400 calories as it would to burn them! Why does something that I can eat in 3 bites take blood, sweat, and tears to burn off later? It just doesn't make sense.

~Women who do it all. Singing, piano-playing, triathalons, gardening, canning, painting, child-rearing, service projects, and all with a smile on their faces. Okay, so they don't really bug me, just make me feel super insecure in my own ability to do, well, anything.

~Floof. Poot. Fluff. Bottom burp. Air biscuit. Foof. Poof. Barking spiders. Seriously? It's a fart, people. Or if you're 3, a toot. Or if you're sophisticated, gas.

And another thing... people who don't ever FART in front of their spouses, well, there is something seriously wrong with them. Now I realize that I may not be the most unbiased in my opinion, since I have very few personal boundaries, and thankfully neither does my husband, evidenced by the fact that no one in this house EVER closes the bathroom door, for any reason. But really? How can any person go years, decades, a lifetime, holding it in? Ignoring the obvious discomfort, I think there's something wrong with that. Shouldn't your spouse be the one person, of all people, you feel comfortable enough with to let loose, all of you?

~Twilight. I know I need to read the series before I can really form an opinion (and I will, when I have nothing better to read, which will probably not be until my children have moved out of the house and I have oodles of time to read any nonsense I want), but I really just hate that I can't live in a world void of Twilight. There are some things that I REALLY LOVE in this life, but do I go around gushing about them to anyone and everyone I meet? I mean, really, I LOOOOOOOVE me some artichokes but do you hear me obsessing about them constantly? Well maybe I should...



Vira said...

Hugs mama :) Not much more to say :)) Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

Jo said...

Eating artichokes, shredding jeans, ranting about Twilight. Sounds like a blissful day to me!! I'm in.

-A said...

1- I like the new font on your blog title, but it's cutting off part of your description line. If you're at all like me in these matters . . . I thought you might want to know.

2- I love you guts and think you're awesome. We should both start wearing only jeans with holes because they are the most loved. Well, when my most loved jeans fit again . . .

3- My hubby teaches the 13-15 year old kids at church. One Sunday all the guys (and some of the girls) were talking about New Moon being released to the theaters and how pathetic "Twihards" (and unfortunately I didn't make that up) can be. They decided they needed to make t-shirts that say "Team Who Cares."

I wouldn't pay money for one, but I would certainly wear it.

I read the books, was entertained in a mindless literature way, and was done. I am utterly baffled (and borderline disgusted) by the all-age fanaticism epidemic.

diane26 said...


cat said...

Thanks, Vira!

Jo, I'm down! ;)

-A, 1- It's not cutting off on my computer, must be the alternate font I used. I'll work on getting it fixed. Thanks! :)
2- I love you too! You may not have noticed, but I have already started wearing jeans with holes. I figure I already look totally ragged from my kids, so why not?
3-"Team: Who Cares," love it. But in my ideal world, there would be no such thing as Twilight, thus, no such thing as "Team: Who Cares." A girl can dream, right?

diane26, *waves* Hi! :)

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