Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am the world's BEST procrastinator. And I am proud of it. There are not many things at which I can claim to be THE BEST, so I take what I can get.

For instance, today, instead of:
1. doing laundry (all 4 loads that need to be done)
2. unloading and reloading the dishwasher
3. figuring out dinner
4. taking a shower
5. putting away clean clothes
6. working on a church project that I really need to get started on
7. vacuuming and mopping
8. pulling weeds
9. cleaning the rabbit's cage
10. giving the dog a bath
11. reading two book club books
(all of which really needed to get done, like, yesterday...),

1. pretended to watch my kids while I really went back to sleep on the recliner in the (babyproofed) baby's room
2. pretended to watch my kids while I tried to figure out how to turn my family blog into a book
3. put a movie on for the Squeak while the Pixie napped and I worked on the very urgent project of making a flannel-board and also worked some more on felt food for the kids' toy kitchen
4. took pictures of my felt food projects:

tomato slices & lettuce leaves (the lettuce leaves are my favorite!):

sandwich with all the fixins: bread, lettuce, tomatoes, swiss cheese, turkey deli meat:

a crunchy taco!:
fried eggs with toast:

5. researched sewing machines and decided to buy this baby to replace my fancy Singer Athena 2000, circa 1975.

6. pretended to watch my kids some more while I updated my blog

And I have grand plans for the rest of the day, too! After I finish this, I plan to deposit both of my kids into their beds for afternoon nap/"quiet time," during which I will waste some more time by either taking a nap, perusing facebook, or watching some Gilmore Girls (or "Few More Girls," as my Squeak calls it).

So what about you, interwebz? What are your amazing plans for today (is it pathetic that I am just now asking about plans for the day, at 2:23 pm? Or just further evidence that my superlative really does fit me?)?


-A said...

That food is awesome! I really like the lettuce, too.

diane26 said...

lol Your days sound almost like mine. While I sit here I have at least 3 loads of unfolded laundry but I have to check things out on the interwebz less the world stops spinning because I'm not up to date on my celeb gossip.

WhisperingWriter said...

That food is so cool!

Gilmore Girls is one of my fave shows.

Heatherlady said...

Wow that felt food is so beautiful. It looks good enough to eat. I really love how you did it. That is definitely more important than laundry ;)

Tiffany said...

HAhahaha! I've been there! :). We all have those days whether we fess up or not!

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