Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A, B, C, & D

Oof. What happened to me?

I've been busy. Busy planting gardens, busy planning parties, busy making movies, busy reading horrible vampire books. No time in this busy life for writing in my blog, it would seem.

So A). I've been planting gardens. Although not the very one I care most about (or at all about), that is, my vegetable garden. Not that one, because as I sit here typing this, it is rainy and cold. Too cold for tomatoes. So I've been planting in my 6 flowerbeds, which I hate. Flowerbeds=weeding. Flowerbeds=flowers instead of veggies. Flowerbeds=too much work, too little reward. But our house has SIX blasted flowerbeds, so in order to not look like the trash of the neighborhood, I must take care of them (And yes, apparently, it really is that bad to be the trash of the neighborhood, according to my husband...). Instead, I planted a lot of ground cover really close together. Did I plant enough to eventually keep out the weeds? Here's hoping. It worked with the irises that I haphazardly tossed, 3 years ago, in the dirt between the window wells (OH! Flowerbed number 7, I guess. SEVEN blasted flowerbeds! Why? WHY?).

And B). I've been planning parties. My Pixie is turning 1 (ONE!) on Friday. I absolutely LOVE the stage she is entering, but when I look at pictures of her newborness, I can't help but cry a little inside (okay, and maybe outside, too). It is absolutely wrenching at my heart, moreso because there is a very real possibility that this is it. She may be my last, my final, my baby. At this point, I've basically accepted that two will be it, unless Santiago or I get a very strong impression otherwise. The thought that I will never again hold my sleeping newborn on my chest rips at my heart a little. I want lots and lots of newborns, but no pregnancies. Lots and lots of babies-morphing-into-toddlers, but no preschoolers. Oh, and while I'm making requests, I want all those newborns and babies and toddlers (and my own two littles) to sleep through the night. Is that really to much to ask?

Back on task. Pixie is turning one. And so, since she will forever remember her first birthday, and our entire mother-daughter relationship is hinged on how overboard I go, I will be having quite the blowout (just another sidenote, I definitely know I have successfully joined the ranks of mother, evidenced by the fact that I am contemplating changing "blowout" into some other word less reminiscent of diapers. When did I stop associating the word blowout with parties and start associating it instead with poop?). Yes, my kids will have no reason to resent me when they're grown (at least, none having to do with birthdays, unless they turn out somehow totally backwards like their father, and hate birthdays, and holidays, and basically everything FUN, in which case they will resent me for throwing THE BEST parties! Weirdos...). I love throwing parties. Kids' birthday parties in particular. Every year I say I will just keep it low-key, and every year I get a little carried away with trying to attain perfection. Not that I turn into some crazy primadona, renting ponies and throwing money everywhere. I keep things simple, but I just love a good theme! (And I just typed a very long paragraph containing an entire history of Squeak's parties. We'll have to save that for another post, another day...) So now it's Pixie's turn for the fun. Since she is not really showing any particular interests yet, I chose a generic "flower" theme for her party. I sent invitations (of course with cutesy flower puns. I'm such a good mom.) printed on green paper and attached to a silk flower. We are celebrating at the park. We'll be grilling veggie kebabs and burgers, and eating salad. Eve will be getting a cake made out of fruit (fruit cake? No. Fruit shaped into a cake? Yes.). I am making a flower cake (with a surprise rainbow inside!) for everyone else (mostly because Squeak insists we have a birthday cake!). Decorations will be simple, white tablecloth with yellow and pink place settings, flowers in jars or pots, and maybe some balloons, and tissue paper flowers lining the walk to the tables. Her party will be this Saturday, and in addition to my family, my two best girls from college will be coming as well, with their boys who are just 5 1/2 weeks and 3 weeks older than Pixie (Pixie's future boyfriends will have to fight over her! We are so setting them up. We are awesome moms.). I am stoked. I love my kids' birthdays! ;)

B 1/2). My dad is turning 70 in June! So my sisters and I are planning a big surprise BLOWOUT for him. This has been more stressful than I can communicate. Mostly because in addition to this blowout (how many times can I use that word today? 10?), my cousins are in town from a faraway South American country for the first time in 13 years, and so we are having blowout upon blowout this month and next. First one is tomorrow (then Pixie's party thrown in the mix on Saturday). Then another on the following Saturday. Then cousins stay at my house for a couple days next weekend. Then more blowouts before they leave at the end of May, then

OH OH OH! I interrupt this highly exciting paragraph to share the even more exciting news that MY NEW SEWING MACHINE just pulled up in the Fed Ex truck! YAY! 3-6 days before it was scheduled to arrive! :D

Okay, where was I? Right, blowouts galore. So my sisters and I are in the final stages of planning my dad's blowout. We have sent the invitations, booked the venue, decided on the food, and made the assignments. Last thing to is make the movie.

Which leads me into C). Segue-queen, I am!

C). We're making a movie for my dad's birthday gift. It sounds easy enough, but it is really quite an undertaking. Mostly trying to get all the pictures from all my sisters. When I have them all, I will plug them into my nifty Windows Movie Maker and fill the time with songs. It's good practice for... wait for it...

C 1/2). Told you I was segue-queen. C 1/2). I am making a movie for church. Specifically, for youth conference this summer. I have to choose the theme, plan it, write the script, design/make the costumes, design the set and somehow make it materialize, cast the youth, whip them into shape so we can actually film the movie, and then edit it all and make it look good (perhaps in spite of the youth, who sometimes just cannot be whipped into shape). And all by the end of June! I'm writing my script based on Star Wars. Which means, I have to actually *watch* Star Wars (for the first time since the '80s). This makes my husband very happy. It's going to be so awesome. A real blowout. Are you convinced?

D). Also, are you convinced that I actually did read not one, but FOUR books about vampires (yeah, well, that's the best segue I've got. You try to segue from making a Star Wars movie to books about vampires and see how well YOU do...)? And I am just as convinced as ever (more, even) that I really do hate Twilight. Why did I read thousands of pages just to be sure? Just call me Ms. Masochist...

And as wonderful as I am at segueing, I am really, really horrible at concluding. So this is all ya get. You're welcome.

(And for those wondering, the total count is 11. I can use the word blowout 11 times in one blog post. I'd like to see you try to do better!)

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diane26 said...

I would have a whole houseful of babies if I never had to be pregnant again.

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