Friday, May 28, 2010

my shameless plug!

Guess what?

I'm being featured as a guest author on Segullah! Tomorrow (Saturday)!

I feel way more excited than I should be about this.

Never read Blog Segullah? You really should (especially tomorrow!). It is wonderful. I am so honored that they accepted my submission.

And that is all.

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Melissa said...

I just read your post on Segullah and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your feelings were beautifully expressed. I often visit blogs of authors I discover through some of my favorite sites (and always feel strange posting because of my "stranger" status). Your blog is visually very fun. I want to come back and check out some of your posts. We're doing a cupcake project this year in my family and will need some new recipes before long, and your cupcake recipe looks delicious! Thanks for letting me visit. :D

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