Friday, September 3, 2010

10 Things

A few things:

1) I'm tired. Really, really tired. Much to my hubby's dismay, there is no sleep-training going on in this house. So here's where the battle in my brain occurs. I have always wanted 3-4 kids. I don't agree with letting a baby "cry it out." I simply CANNOT handle being sleep deprived for another several years. So which is it? Do I decide 2 babies is enough and enjoy finally getting some sleep (eventually)? Do I have a 3rd and let it cry so I can get some sleep? I know this isn't something I need to decide right now, but I really *don't* want to forget how badly the sleep-deprivation sucks when it is time to decide. So mental post-it note: I am not a happy mama when I don't get sleep. I can handle it for about a year. Then I get the crazy-eyes and I just really don't like myself much. And just an FYI, we're leaning towards not having more children for various other reasons as well. Is that too 21st century? Only 2 kids?

2) Canning. For or against? I have long been against (for me, not for you. Serious props to you if you can can. Can-can. ha ha.) because I get overwhelmed easily, and just the thought of possibly giving my family botulism makes me hyperventilate. But I'm thinking of giving it a go. Nothing fancy, just tomatoes and (possibly) beans. We are wanting to move away from using canned stuff, and tomatoes and beans are just about all we use anymore. So. Should I? Or should I continue to be scared of it for eternity? This does lead me to number 3.

3) I'm really exhausted of feeling like a less-than mother. I think I am suffering from a bit of inspiration-overload. I spend a bit of time every day scouring the good old world wide web for ideas about this or that (new recipes to add to my meal plans; lesson plans for preschool; free activities to do with my kids; discipline solutions; etc.). All these blogs, full of creativity and educational experiences and beautiful photographs, instead of inspire me, really cripple me. I start to feel really inadequate. I don't know how these bloggers not only have the time/energy to come up with the ideas for all their projects, but then also carry them through beautifully, their children cooperate fully (and soak up the experience), they thoroughly document the experience with their superior photography skills, AND THEN they blog about it. Is there some magic place out there where there are twice as many hours in a day? Or do these superwomen just not sit down to breathe, or sleep, at all, ever?

4) My in-laws are driving me cuh-razy.

5) I have a migraine for the third day straight.

6) I'm making Gang Dang (not using that recipe, but it was the best I could find that had an appetizing photograph) for dinner tonight. Or tomorrow. Or Sunday. Or Monday. Whenever my headache goes away. But guaranteed, sometime this week. Mmmm.

7) Three-day weekend!!! Woohoo!

8) I am in love with my Pixie's hugs and kisses. Real, lip-smacking kisses, and tight squeezes around the neck. This morning she greeted me with a loud "Hiiii!" followed by a huge hug and a big wet kiss planted straight on my lips. So sweet.

9) The Squeak had strep throat. He was tired and calm and cuddly for one day. Then he was back to his rambunctious self. After 9 days of antibiotics, today he developed a mysterious rash. Doc thinks it could likely be a reaction to the amoxicillin.

10) I'm really wanting some watermelon but the last 2 I bought have been mushy and not that great. Is it already too late for good watermelon? *cries*


diane26 said...

We're have the same # of children debate over here. We really want to try for a boy but both girls are soooo overwhelming and I'm not the most patient person to begin with then add in the sleep and it just all leads to crazy town, population mom.
I also know how you feel about the mommy stuff too. I fight all the time with making sure the kids are engaged in something and then get upset if we don't do something and I'm all the time fighting against my inner lazy with regards to cooking and cleaning and basically I'm not supermom/wife, I never will be. Nor will I ever be model thin. So I just have to live with it and everyone else just has to take what I got.

Montana Blakes said...

On sleep. When you let them cry it out to sleep, they don't cry every night. Just at first a little until they learn to go to sleep when you put them down. Without crying. With my first I really struggled with it but then I let them cry and after a few days they deal and don't cry anymore. I have nine children (ages 15-4mos) and they ALL sleep through the night. I hope this doesn't discourage you but I thought I'd throw it out there for you. I enjoyed your post today--I can relate a lot.

-A said...

Last year, my favorite Aunt shared a little tidbit from when she was a young mother. While visiting her childhood ward she asked one of her mentor type role models, mother of 9, how you know when your family is complete. The reply? "Well, you just do." So, I guess it really doesn't matter if it's too 21st century once you know your family is complete. Just like it doesn't matter how many people swear by the cry-it-out routine if it doesn't feel right to you.
Anywho . . . there's my two cents.

-A said...

And another thing -
I undertook my first solo canning experience last year and we've really enjoyed the rewards. Tomatoes are really easy. I haven't tried beans because the pressure cooker scares me, but there is someone down your way that does them every year who would probably walk you through it.

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