Monday, September 27, 2010

Product Endorsements

Some days my love for certain little things in my life border on obsession. Here're my latest:


OhMyGosh. I love these things. Pretzel. Cracker. Do I need to say more?

Library movies

Two weeks free! 4 DVDs at a time! Basically unlimited VHS tapes! One week grace period (Did ya get that? Free movies for 3 weeks!). 10 cent per day late fees! Any kids' movie my kid could want! True love!

Cooking Blogs

I may never need to buy another cookbook again! I love the internets. Any recipe I could possibly desire, right there quite literally at my fingertips. and

This is how I stay up to date with all my favorite shows, and live on a school-teacher salary. And I can watch whenever it's convenient to me (since we are clearly too low-budge for DVR, or cable, or dish, or actually anything we would have to *pay* for).

Baby Tylenol
(the generic stuff, of course. See above.)

I don't like medicating my kids, but when I haven't slept more than 20 minutes straight in two weeks, I am not totally against it. Pixie has been working on her molars, and last night Tylenol saved my life. I slept for four hours straight. And then I slept for four more hours straight. It was a glorious thing.

Kirkland brand powder laundry detergent

How do I love you? Let me count the ways. You are cheap. You last forever. You get my clothes clean but don't leave lingering perfume smells. You clean the diapers without making them smell like dead fish. You don't give my kids rashes. What would I do without you? Please read this, Costco, and NEVER discontinue it like you did with my beloved Kirkland brand powder dishwasher detergent (you blasted store!).

Real fruit juice popsicles

Husband craves ice cream; I crave these. He usually wins. I eat ice cream anyway. I get fat. I blame Husband. My love for popsicles stays strong.

Do you have any endorsements for your current favorite products? Share please. I am always looking for some good enabling of my obsessions.

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