Friday, February 17, 2012

Poor blog. How I've neglected you.

Lately I feel like I am living, breathing, dreaming FOOD. We've been making some food changes that make me question my sanity. We've been cutting out ALL processed foods (and not just what I used to consider "processed" when I used to say we ate very little processed foods, but all actual processed foods...). Which means I am either in the kitchen or thinking about and planning what I will next make in the kitchen for roughly 16 hours every day... Some of my experiences and recipes will surely make an appearance in the blog in the future, as I try to make sense of what I'm doing and what works and what doesn't...

When I'm not doing kitchen-prep stuff, I feel completely drained. I feel sapped of all energy and motivation to do anything except sit around and feel tired. Not really sure what's going on, but I'm having a hard time of it.'s Friday today and I need to get my house clean, laundry done, food-related stuff planned and started (need to pick up eggs today and start soaking flour for making bread for the weekend), but all I really want to do on this cold grey day is cuddle up on the couch with a book while my kids sit with me watching "Peter Pan" (this may or may not be what is happening currently, minus the book, plus the computer...).


-A said...

By all processed food do you mean anything that has in any way shape of form touched a piece of machinery? Like meat? And frozen vegetables? Or anything that has something other than the actual item listed as an ingredient?

I'm baffled and intrigued and a bit worried for your sanity . . . but only because I can't fathom taking the time to make spaghetti sauce without 5 cans of tomato sauce.

Lucy said...

Cutting out processed foods is going to be such a great thing, so hard though! Love you Cat!

Mickelle said...

Have you gone WAPF? I remember reading a fb status with you talking about broth, and I've been curious ever since.

PS I think I might actually be using OD again. Can't say for sure, because then I'd totally jinx it. But maybe.

And also, I miss you.

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