Tuesday, March 23, 2010

101 in 1001

Have you heard of the Day Zero Project? Procrastinator me, I'm doin' it. It's a list of 101 things I want to do, and will do, in the space of 1001 days. No more saying "Someday..." I'm doing it all now.

1) No fast food for a month
2) Eat out no more than once a week, indefinitely (3 months, to start)
3) Complete Couch to 5K program
4) Get allergy tested
5) Get screened for celiac disease
6) Lose 5 pounds
7) Lose 5 more pounds (total: 10)
8) Lose 5 more pounds (total: 15)
9) Lose 5 more pounds (total: 20)
10) Get rid of toxins and chemicals: from family's skin & hair products, cleaning products, and food
11) Go a month without eating sweet treats
12) Increase flexibility by stretching daily
13) See a therapist

14) Make a good pie crust from scratch
15) Perfect homemade whole wheat pizza dough
16) Make whole wheat bread from scratch, without using bread machine
17) Learn how to make Vovo's Black Forest Cake
18) Make chicken paprikash and nokerli from scratch
19) Learn how to grill
20) Make a good Thai red curry
21) Make tasty, gourmet cupcakes that look presentable, too
22) Organize recipe binders
23) Try 10 new sit-down restaurants

24) Attend a live session at the Salt Lake temple
25) Visit all the temples in Utah
26) Read the Bible in its entirety

(Read the entire bible)
27) Read 52 books in a year (one per week)
28) Read Jane Austen's complete works
29) Read all 100 books on the BBC's list
30) Clean up and re-submit my short story (or write a new one to submit)

31) Take a Zumba class
32) Take a photography class to really learn how to use my DSLR
33) Take voice lessons
34) Learn how to play one hymn to perfection on the piano

35) Plant a square-foot vegetable garden
36) Start an organic garden entirely from seed
37) Sew a t-shirt quilt of my old school team and concert shirts
38) Sew a t-shirt quilt of the kids' old baby clothes for each kid
39) Sew duvet for down comforter
40) Make felt food for son and daughter's play kitchen

41) Send birthday and Christmas card/presents to all nieces/nephews & in-laws for an entire year
42) Answer all cell phone calls for one week
43) Make a true friend
44) Write one letter per month for one year, to be sent via snail mail
45) Restart sisters' days with Utah sisters
46) Go '80s or disco skating with my sisters
47) Go on a vacation with just girl friends/sisters
48) Plan K-family reunion get-together (planned a surprise 70th birthday party for my Dad)
49) Take family pictures with all sisters and both parents
50) Visit Vovo's grave (Orem, UT)
51) Visit Uncle J's grave (American Fork, UT)
52) Visit Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle B's graves (Whittier, CA)

53) Have weekly dates with husband
54) Have a week-end getaway with my husband
55) Have sex with hubby every day for a week
56) Complete the Love Dare with my husband
57) Come up with a family motto
58) Have a "Yes" day with the kids
59) Take videos of the kids once a month
60) Take family pictures every 6 months
61) Make photo books of Squeak's first year and of Pixie's first year

Nuts & Bolts
62) Back up digital pictures/videos from June '09 - March '10 and store copies at Dad's house
63) Scan (non-digital) photographs and back up and store copies at Dad's house
64) Fill out "Just In Case" binder
65) Write will and have it notarized

Travel/Outdoor Recreation
66) Vacation to a place I've never been
67) Add another stamp to my passport (even if it's just Canada or Mexico!)
68) Go backpacking with the kids
69) Take the family to Hovenweep or somewhere in Southern Utah/Colorado/Arizona to see the Anasazi ruins
70) Hike the Narrows at Zion National Park
71) Take the family on a train ride
72) Canoe into camp with husband and kids
73) Go camping at least once a month during the warmer months
74) Have a campfire in the mountains for no reason
75) Go skiing/snowboarding
76) Catch a trout on a fly rod
77) Fly a kite with my kids

Miscellaneous Experiences
78) Go to a concert
79) Get a professional massage
80) Watch a meteor shower
81) Get a permit and go out to the woods to chop down our own Christmas tree
82) Take son to the drive-in
83) Go running on the beach
84) Go to a BYU-U of U football game
85) Go to at least one BYU men's volleyball game per season
86) Take son ice skating
87) Host a murder-mystery dinner party
88) Audition for community play/musical
89) Donate hair to Locks of Love
90) Run a 5K race for a good cause
91) Donate ALL clothing I haven't used in a year
92) Do a random act of kindness for a stranger
93) Take recyclables to bin once a week for 3 months

Superficial Stuff
94) Get new glasses
95) Have my teeth whitened
96) Dye my hair dark
97) Make wardrobe more "grown up" by buying 5 versatile pieces: tailored jacket, bootleg jeans, fitted cardigan, white button-up shirt, flats
98) Buy a pair of expensive jeans that fit and look great
99) Shop with a personal shopper (Nordstrom)
100) Buy several bras that actually fit
101) Put away $1 for each completed task, to be spent how I choose after 1001 days

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diane26 said...

That looks like a good list of things to accomplish. Unfortunately I'm not really motivated enough to even think of things I could strive to accomplish. My list would be something more like "don't kill anyone today"

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