Friday, March 12, 2010

The writer of this blog received no paid endorsement for this post

I just have to share this amazing discovery I made.

I can't very well go around talking to people in real life about it. People will think I'm some kind of a WEIRDO. I mean, even more than they already do.

Milk of Magnesia (yes, the stool softener). Is. Amazing.

As a deodorant!

I know, right? Sounds bizarre. But I am seriously in love. I gave up antiperspirant a few years back when I finally admitted that aluminum was a risky ingredient. I was using natural deodorants for awhile, but after having kids the pH of my body must have changed, because they just weren't cuttin' it after that... I used baking soda successfully in between pregnancies, but ever since giving birth to Pixie, that wasn't working either. I was sweating all.the.time (really), and stinky almost as often.

Milk of Magnesia, enter stage right.

My life will never be the same! I know it sounds dramatic, but seriously. A little swab under each arm. Voila. Smell-free. I love that there is seriously no smell at all. No fragrancy lingering (which always gives me headaches), no sweat-smell, nothing. Not even a hint of cherry (which is the flavor of the Milk of Magnesia I just happened to have sitting around when I decided to give it a try).

Glory be to Milk of Magnesia. Forever and ever, Amen.


-A said...

Yeah, "real life" people would definitely say you're nutty. But "internet" people may just have to try it out.

diane26 said...

Lol. I never would have thought to try that.

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